Warhammer Seraphon, previously known as Lizardmen, are reptilian creatures who fight for the Grand Alliance of Order. Summoned by Slann Starmasters, their race boasts mighty warriors and powerful mages that harness energy from their sacred stars.

The Warhammer Lizardmen were able to escape the End Times by fleeing in temple-ships to the aetheric void. Over time the ships would lose power and could no longer generate energy. However, Dracothian, the celestial Great Drake, restored the temple-ships and this is where the Seraphon were born.

Seraphon models include hulking Saurus Guard, fast Seraphon Skinks and magic-wielding Stink Starpriests. The Start Collecting Seraphon set provides you with an immediate collection of miniatures to get your Lizardmen army started. You will receive a variety of models and rules so that you can assemble and play with your army straight away.

The Warhammer Seraphon Battletome includes all you need to know about these ancient and mysterious creatures. This 104 page hardback book contains their history, tips, rules and so much more to get you started. Read through painting tips and guides to inspire your collection and prime them ready for battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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