Lumineth Realm-Lords

The Lumineth Realm-Lords are part of the Grand Alliance of Order, known for their recovery from the belly of Slaanesh. Led by the master of ancient magic, Teclis, they regard themselves as the most advanced race in the Realms.

Warhammer Lumineth Realm-Lords aim to save the forces of order from disaster using their magical skills and bravery in battle. These masters of magic are determined to save the Mortal Realms at any cost. This race of Aelves come from Hysh, a place of enlightenment known as the Realm of Light.

Lumineth Realm-Lords models include agile Hurakan Windchargers, the mighty Lyrior Uthralle and elite Vanari Bladelords, among others. Avalenor the Stoneheart king is both a leader and monster that can shatter enemies. He is one of the oldest and wisest of the Lumineth, armed with magical hammers to smash any enemy that he encounters.

The Warhammer Lumineth Realm-Lords Battletome is the complete guide for any collectors wishing to empower their Lumineth army. This 90 page hardback includes a range of information, rules and war scrolls and is a must have for all players. Get inspired by a showcase of stunning miniatures and ready your army for battles by following the painting tips.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results