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    Fyreslayers Battletome

    £25.00 £19.88

    From flame-filled magmaholds they march, the power of their war-god flowing into them from blazing runes of gold hammered into their flesh.

    Master the blazing wrath of the Grimnir’s chosen sons with Battletome: Fyreslayers – your complete guide to these mighty warriors. Part mercenary, part warrior-monk, Fyreslayers quest endlessly to gather the golden shards of their shattered god, and are among the most feared warriors in the Mortal Realms.

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    Hearthguard (Fyreslayers)

    £27.50 £21.86

    Incredibly powerful elite warriors, possibly the strongest in their lodges, the Hearthguard Berzerkers are the first to heed the call of Fyreslayers’ battle horns. Filled with fiery determination, glowing with the ur-gold runes hammered into their flesh, they are eager to unleash the full fury of the Fyreslayers onto a hapless foe. Protectors of the Runefather and his sons, these relentless warriors swing their flamestrike poleaxes in massive arcs, puncturing even the strongest armour of Chaos – the attached heavy chain and flaming brazier increases the lethality of their determined assault.

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    Magmic Invocations (Fyreslayers)

    £20.00 £15.90

    Summoned by the blazing will of the Runemasters and Runesmiters, Magmic Invocations are magical constructs forged of arcane fire that bring death to the foes of the Fyreslayers.

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    Start Collecting! Fyreslayers

    £60.00 £47.70

    Charging into battle without hesitation, screaming war cries at a cowering foe while hefting enormous war-axes, the Fyreslayers are the descendants of the shattered warrior god Grimnir. They bear runes of shining ur-gold hammered into their flesh – ur-gold which, they believe, contains the very essence of Grimnir himself, giving the incredible strength for which they are notorious. Their fury in combat and unbreakable oaths are legend, and their axes are feared – berserk warriors born for war, the Fyreslayers burn with Grimnir’s fury!

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    Vulkite Berzerkers (Fyreslayers)

    £35.00 £27.83

    Known across the Realms for their prowess in battle and absolute lack of fear when faced with enemies that tower over their stout forms, Vulkite Berzerkers are rightly feared by their enemies.

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