Fyreslayers are part of the Grand Alliance of Order and honour their fallen god Grimnir throughout battle. Marching to war without armour, they use brute strength in battle and their search for gold containing the lost God’s power.

Warhammer Fyreslayers enter battle with ur-gold flesh which contains the essence of Griminir and gives them great strength. These mighty warriors fight at range by throwing axes and close in to hack their foes to bits with mighty battle axes and blades. Burning with rage, they are determined to fulfil their quest of spiritual honour no matter the cost.

Fyreslayers include stout Hearthguard, ferocious Vulkite Berzerks, fiery Magmic Invocations and more. The Start Collecting Fyreslayers set is the perfect place ot start your own Fyreslayer army. This fantastic value box includes 13 official Citadel Miniatures from Games Workshop including an enormous Magmadroth.

The Fyreslayers Battletome is your complete guide to these mighty warriors. Discover their history and learn new tips on how to assemble your army in order to succeed. Get inspired by the showcase of models and paint your army with a variety of colours to represent their fiery personality.

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Showing all 11 results