Idoneth Deepkin

Idoneth Deephin, created by Teclis, live in enclaves found in the depths of the Mortal Realms’ oceans. They prey on those along the coast and are known to be cruel raiders with a particular grudge against the devotees of Slaanesh.

Warhammer Idoneth Deepkin fight for the Grand Alliance of Order. However, their alliance is fragile at best as they have raided humans, aelves and Sylvaneth without mercy. During battle, the Deepkins summon a magical ocean so they can bring sea-beasts alongside them to fight.

Idoneth Deepkin models include the swift Akhelian Allopex, elite Akhelian Guard, the mystical Eidolon of Mathlann and many more. Their powerful leader Volturnos, known as the High King of the Deep, was the first of his kind. Armed with the Astra Solus sword, he can cut through any armour with ease and use his shield to swallow magic. Usasall is a huge creature mounted by Volturnos and is distinguishable by his three powerful tails and large horn.

The Warhammer Idoneth Deepkin Battletome reveals all about the deadly army including their origin, empires and more in this 136-pagelong hardback book. Discover the showcase of painted citadel miniatures and learn all about their backgrounds. Follow step by step guides on how to paint the models to prime your new Deepkin army ready for battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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