Daughters of Khaine

The Daughters of Khaine worship the God of battle and death, Khaine. These bloodthirsty fanatics seek battle and crave power as they use blades to carve their enemies to pieces. Feared by their own allies, they fight for the forces of order with speed, skill and savagery to stay true to their God.

Warhammer Daughters of Khaine are part of the Grand Alliance of Order which contains armies who seek to reclaim the Mortal Realms. They often divide into sects so they can worships separate aspects of their beloved God. One whisper of Khaine being deceased will immediately invite death by the Khainite Warriors!

Daughters of Khaine models include Khinerai, slithering Melusai and their matriarch, Morathi the high oracle of Khaine. The Witch Aelves are devoted followers of their God, spending their entire lives practicing with weapons and completing dark rituals. On the battlefield they crave violence and come armed with a pair of sacrificial knives and beautiful armour.

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results