Sons of Behemat

Warhammer Sons of Behemat are giants that have become unstoppable since the death of their progenitor, Behemat. Forming a part of the Grand Alliance of Destruction, they are greatly feared across the Mortal Realms for their immense size and strength.

The Warhammer Giants are growing bigger and bigger overtime and are even able to reduce great castles to rubble due to their incredible height and strength. Those who oppose their rule are crushed with boulders and often consumed for their trouble. Their unmatched size and strength means they have no natural predators throughout the realms.

Age of Sigmar Giants include Mancrusher Gargants and the towering Mega-Gargants, the biggest monster of the Mortal Realms. Usable by both order and destruction armies, this creature is about to become your largest and best panting project yet. Customise your Mega-Gargant with a variety of weapons and poses and begin battle!

The Sons of Behemat Battletome includes rules for Death, Chaos and Order armies as well as their incredible abilities and so much more. Follow the painting guidance on which colour schemes you should use for this particular race. This hardback book will provide everything you need to prepare your  Warhammer Giants ready for battles of Age of Sigmar.

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Showing all 5 results