Orruk Warclans

Warhammer Orruk Warclans are followers of Gorkamorka and are a part of the Grand Alliance of Destruction. The loud and brutal species shake the Mortal Realms as they punch, smash and slash any opponents they come across.

Orruks such as the Ironjawz are known to be rather unintelligent, however this has never held them back in crushing entire empires simply for the thrill of the fight. They thrive on war and use their great numbers, raw strength and brutality to win battles. The Bonespitterz are also incredibly fast and live to hunt and slay beasts, displaying their bones to show their power.

The Orruk Warclans include Orruk Ardboys, hulking Brutes, earth-shaking Savage Boarboys and many more. The Orruk Megaboss is the biggest of the Ironjawz and leads the warclans into battle. The more fights they win, the bigger they will grow making them a terrifying enemy to face. Armed with brutal weaponry, they will also stomp and smash everything within reach.

The Orruk Warclans Battletome includes all the information you require about their abilities, history, strategies and lots more. Read through painting tips on how to get your miniatures ready for battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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Showing 1–12 of 26 results