Ogre Mawtribes

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    Battletome: Ogor Mawtribes

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    Ogors are rotund brutes entirely obsessed with eating and fighting. They rampage across the Mortal Realms on an endless, cyclical Mawpath, devouring everything they set their piggish eyes upon. Enemies are blasted apart by blackpowder cannons, gored by long-tusked beasts of the frozen wastes and trampled by a sweaty, bellowing mass of flesh. Only the lucky ones are dead before the ogors start to eat them.

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    Tyrant (Ogor Mawtribes)

    £20.00 £15.90

    The ferocious war-leaders of the Gutbuster warglutts, Tyrants are living mountains of iron and blubbery flesh. Despite their girth, they move with surprising speed, hacking their prey into bloody chunks for easier consumption.

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