Beastclaw Raiders

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    Mournfang Pack (Beastclaw Raiders)

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    The core of a Beastclaw Raiders Alfrostun, Ogors mounted on Mournfangs are always at the vanguard of a raid’s assault. Wielding clubs, blades and pistols, they’re very, very good at blocking an enemy’s attack before laying into them with wild abandon. The beasts they ride are equally fearsome, trampling to a pulp anything and everything unfortunate enough to get in the way.

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    Start Collecting! Beastclaw Raiders

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    Harbingers of dark months and dead seasons, marauders who stalk through the frozen darkness, the ogor tribes of the Beastclaw Raiders are gargantuan creatures of strength and hunger. Unlike orruks or warriors of the Bloodbound they fight not for the thrill but for survival – battlefields are their hunting grounds, and when the foe lies cold and dead their bodies are harvested with a gluttonous fury, for it takes a truly staggering amount of meat to satisfy these massive, ravenous raiders.

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