Warhammer Nighthaunt are ghostly phantoms that form a part of the Grand Alliance of Death. They embody a total hatred for the living and seek to send souls to the darkened realms they emerged from knowing torment awaits them.

The Nighthaunt Army are left with nothing but their sprit and desperation to destroy all that lives. They will forever haunt the Mortal Realms as that is all they have left after being bound by nercromancy. Nighthaunts are able to glide straight through objects and the same goes for any weapons thrown their way, unless guided by faith or magic.

The Age of Sigmar Nighthaunt Army includes the haunting figure Lady Olynder, deathly Grimghast Reapers and the terrifying Knight of Shrouds and so many more. The Spirit Hosts make up the majority of the Nighthaunt army, they are souls stripped of their bodies and identities. Screaming for the life and peace, they haunt the enemy and peasants to the point where they abandon their much loved villages.

The Nighthaunt Battletome provides 88-pages full of information of their creation, motivations, rules and lots more. Take inspiration from the gallery of miniatures in action. Apply the latest painting tips to your new army so they are ready for battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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Showing 1–12 of 34 results