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    Cairn Wraith (Vampire Counts)

    £10.00 £7.90

    Cairn Wraiths are amongst the most powerful of the Undead. Though they lack physical form, their touch drains the life of a mortal. Their very presence fills the air with dread, and most who face them are driven mad with fear long before they are killed.

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    Crawlocke the Jailor (Nighthaunt)

    £25.00 £21.95

    Spirit Torments such as Crawlocke are entrusted with a duty Nagash considers vitally important – it is their role to capture the souls of transgressors, those who have escaped their due fate. A Spirit Torment draws its victim’s soul into its shacklegheist chains, heavy bonds forged of malefic iron and tempered by fell ritual. The accompanying Chainghasts are such eternally-imprisoned victims, bound to automatically obey every command of their Spirit Torment master, doomed to an inexplicable but impossible yearning for freedom.

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    Deadwalkers Zombies

    £22.50 £17.85

    Zombies are corpses brought back from the dead by foul necromancy. Whilst slow and clumsy individually, their necromantic overlords drive them into battle in their thousands, hoping to exhaust the armies of the enemy.

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    Nighthaunt Warband (Warcry)

    £30.00 £23.80

     Driven by an all-consuming hatred of living things, these spectral horrors sweep across the realms in great hosts, killing everything in their path. They remember only dim echoes of their past, fragments of the person they were, and half-faded memories of the events that led to their current predicament. This is enough to keep them in a state of perpetual torment, which pleases cruel Nagash. On occasion the Great Necromancer will assemble smaller groups of Nighthaunts in order to achieve a particularly delicate task. Their incorporeal nature and resistance to most physical damage makes the gheists particularly suited to such missions.

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