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  • Everchosen & Slaves to Darkness

    Chaos Warriors

    £32.50 £25.84

    Archaon’s brutal Chaos warriors march forth with a daemonic reverence, cutting a swathe through anything that stands in their way. Build your chaos army with this kit containing sixteen Warhammer Age of Sigmar chaos warriors.

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    Darkoath Warqueen Marakarr Blood Sky

    £20.00 £15.90

    Thousands of mortal tribes have bound their fates to the will of Chaos, and at the fore are the Darkoath Warqueens. These are souls who have committed all manner of atrocity to attract the favour of the Dark Gods. With a fierce animal charisma and the fires of ambition fueling their every move, they are deadly warriors all, but their true power is the favour of the Dark Gods, and their supernatural ability to unite the hordes of Chaos as one. Marakarr Blood-sky has proven herself the rightful leader of her barbarian tribespeople again and again, and they obey her without question.

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    Endless Spells: Slaves to Darkness

    £25.00 £19.88

    Unleash the malevolent magics of the Slaves to Darkness with these extra-evil endless spells! Castable by any Slaves to Darkness sorcerer – including Archaon, Everchosen himself – these summoned sorceries add extra tactical depth to your army, giving you new ways to empower your dark legions or incinerate enemies.

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    Everchosen Archaon Exalted Grand Marshal

    £100.00 £79.50

    Spoken of in fearful whispers by warlords and kings, Archaon is the shadow of Chaos falling upon the Mortal Realms. Greatest of the Dark Gods’ champions, the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, he is the Everchosen – the doom of all. Uniting the armies of Chaos with his fist of iron, wielding the legendary daemon sword the Slayer of Kings and mounted upon the terrifying, three-headed beast Dorghar, he rides out to meet the forces of Order that seek to loosen the grip of Chaos. Archaon – the Three-Eyed King, the World Razor, the Thirsting Predator – will see to it that Sigmar’s heroes fail in their quest, and that the united hosts of Chaos will unmake the Mortal Realms in their terrible, howling glory.

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    Everchosen Varanguard Knights of Ruin

    £60.00 £47.70

    Warlords of incredible power and menace in their own right, the Varanguard have grown into creatures of immense cruelty over many lifetimes of merciless slaughter and conquest. Each individual Varanguard has led countless campaigns across numberless centuries, having risen through the ranks of Chaos upon a fountain of blood – they command the respect of mortal lords and kings, Daemon Princes and Daemon Kings, for when they ride into battle, it is at the bidding of the Everchosen alone. Their allegiance lies solely with Archaon, and the Three-Eyed King understands perfectly how to use their massive killing capacity. Where the Varanguard ride, subjugation follows.

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    Slaves to Darkness Battletome

    £25.00 £19.88

    Devout worshippers of Chaos, the Slaves to Darkness bring war to the tortured lands of the Mortal Realms.

    Crush the Mortal Realms beneath the iron tread of Chaos with Battletome: Slaves to Darkness – your guide to the mortals, daemons and monsters who walk the endless Path to Glory.

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    Start Collecting! Slaves To Darkness

    £60.00 £47.70
    • The ideal way to start a Slaves to Darkness army
    • Use your models in Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch collections
    • Assemble your legions fast and without glue with push-fit construction

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