Warhammer Skaven are rat-men who live in the caves, mines and sewers across the Mortal Realms and hold a fragile aliance with the forces of Chaos. The cruel creatures have built a vast empire deep below the earth teeming with endless legions of their verminous kind.

Age of Sigmar Skaven believe that the realms are theirs for the taking and that they are superior to all other races. They worship the Horned Rat and pray daily in the fear that if he is not satisfied, he will devour them instead of the enemy. Though they are instictively cowardly, even the smallest Skaven will fight savagely when forced to with sharp claws, teeth and cruel blades.

The Skaven Army includes pestilent Plague Monks, legions of Clanrats and hulking Stormfiends, among many more. Begin your new army with the Start Collecting Skaven Pestilens set which comes with 22 miniatures so you can start playing straight away. The Pestilens clan use disease as a weapon, armed with infectious blades to poison their enemies in the most cruel fashion.

The Skaven Battletome is the ultimate guide for collectors and provides their history, spells, battleplans and much more. Ready your army by following the latest painting tips and gain inspiration from the beautiful gallery of miniatures in action. This hardback book includes everything you need to start your Skaven army for battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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Showing all 11 results