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    Dwarf Giants (Blood Bowl Dwarves Team)

    £22.50 £20.00

    The Dwarf Giants are an old team with a very long and distinguished history. They were one of the original Blood Bowl sects, and have been present for every major development in the game’s history. In more recent times they have consolidated their talents and re-launched themselves as major players in the modern Blood Bowl leagues.

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    Naggaroth Nightmares (Blood Bowl Dark Elf Team)

    £22.50 £20.00

    A new team founded after the collapse of the NAF, many Nightmares players previously played for the disbanded Naggaroth Nightwings who fell into receivership when the head coach took flight with the team treasury. Despite their status as a new team then, they have an influx of incredible talent, and are already proving themselves to be nightmares (do you see?) for their opponents…

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    Scarcrag Snivellers (Blood Bowl Goblin Team)

    £22.50 £20.00

    The Scarcrag Snivellers made a decision a long time ago to make an attempt at playing Blood Bowl without all the sneaky tricks employed by most Goblin teams. Eleven Goblins line up at the start of the match – no Trolls, no Secret Weapons – and do their very best to last at least a couple of drives before they’re stomped into the ground. Bizarrely, this doesn’t always end as badly for them as it probably should, and somehow the Scarcrag Snivellers seem to make it from season to season without being utterly wiped out…

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