Blood Bowl

Warhammer Blood Bowl is a game of fantasy football that can be played with a variety of different teams, all with preferred styles and unique skills. To win a game, you will need to score more touchdowns than the opposing team. However, the game is not that simple and some players will kill their way to success as anger gets the better of them.

Coach your teams by testing their skills and creating ultimate champions. Blood Bowl season 2 introduces new miniatures such as trolls and ogres to bring more action to the game of football. No two games will be the same as violence takes over the putting your team to the test.

Blood Bowl Gameplay

The Second Season Core Set provides everything you will need to begin a game of BloodBowl. You will find two teams, rulebook, pitch and more inside this great-value set for all sports fans. The second season brings bigger and better players for you to coach and guide to victory.

The Blood Bowl Rulebook provides you with all the necessary information needed to understand the game. Meet your rivals, learn about their history, read through the latest rules and so much more for all collectors to enjoy.

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Showing 1–12 of 60 results