Warhammer 40k Harlequins are a group of the Aeldari species dedicated to the Laughing God. They are credited with supernatural powers and knowledge of the most secret paths through the Webway. Harlequins are best known for their bright clothing, incredible agility and powerful weapons.

Harlequins are welcomed by all Aeldari factions and organise themselves into Troupes, all led by a master. The unique race divide their time between being amazing battlefield fighters and theatrical performers outside of normal Eldar society. The Harlequins are also rumoured to be among those who know the location of the Black Library and protect it from intruders.

40k Harlequin models include the lethal Death Jester, fast-attacking Starweavers, the mysterious Shadowseer and more. The Harlequin Troupe move fast and hit hard as they rely on their speed and skill to defeat their enemy. Once in combat, they perform a lethal dance of death armed with a sword and pistol.

The Harlequins Codex teaches the ancient history and rules in the 80-page hardback definitive book for Harlequin model collectors. Learn all about their background and view the showcase of perfectly painted citadel miniatures. The book includes example armies to help prime your own troupe ready for games of Warhammer 40k.

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