Space Marines (Adeptus Astartes)

The Space Marines (or Adeptus Astartes) are the greatest warriors of all the imperium. Direct descendants of The Emperor of Mankind, they are humanity’s last great hope. In the words of The Emperor himself: “They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines… and they shall know no fear”.

Although few in number, each and every Space Marine is a fearsome warrior worth a thousand men. Standing on average at over 7 feet tall and with a skeleton that is tougher than steel, the mighty Astartes are genetically designed and bio-mechanically enhanced superhumans.

Encased in thick plates of adamantium, plasteel, and blessed ceramite, the ancient power armour of these warriors provides protection from even the most vile and deadly weapons in the galaxy. The traditional weapons of the Space Marine are the mighty chainsword, a vicious close combat weapon wielded with supreme skill and strength, and the formidable Mark Vb Godwyn Pattern Bolter, an assault rifle that launches devastating explosive kinetic rounds.

There are thousands more powerful weapons and ancient artifacts at the Space Marines’ disposal in their endless war against the enemies that would stand before the might of the Imperium of Mankind. Each of the ancient Chapters of the Space Marines have their own unique strengths and arsenals to bring the fury of the emperor down on their foes, from the vampiric Blood Angels to the wild berserkers of the Space Wolves. The question is, which of the mighty Adeptus Astartes will you choose to fight with?

Where to Start with a Space Marine Army

Your first steps into buying a Space Marine army should be to think about which Chapter you might want to start collecting. There are lots to choose from so take your time to research and you will probably find that the unique style or lore of one of them in particular suits you best. For beginners, the Ultramarines offer a balanced playstyle and relatively simple colour schemes to make painting easy! Most Space Marine units can be chosen by any chapter, with the exception of a few faction-specific characters or special units.

Space Marines: Essentials

The backbone of any Space Marine Army are the highly versatile tactical marines and the fast moving scouts. Back these up with the awesome Terminator Armour for best results, whether that’s the ranged firepower of the Terminator Squad or the devastating melee force of the Terminator Close Combat Squad.

A great way to kickstart your Adeptus Astartes Collection is with the Start Collecting! Space Marines set which offers fantastic value.

After grabbing some infantry, you will need some heavy armour to keep your troops supported, and the Razorback or the Predator are excellent first choices.

Finally, your Space Marines need a leader and there are a few strong options to choose from including the Primaris Captain and the Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour.

You’ll also need the rules of course, so make sure to pick up your Space Marines Codex!

Expanding your Space Marine Army

Once you have a few core space marines models, there are lots of ways to expand your Space Marine force. Flyers like the lightning-fast StormHawk Interceptor or the mighty Stormraven Gunship can provide excellent fire support across the battlefield.

A Primaris Librarian can provide powerful Psyker abilities to dominate foes and support your troops, while the Imperium’s most elite Primaris marines can bolster your force against any threat.

If getting up close and personal is your thing, Space Marines can dish out lots of close combat punishment with their awesome Dreadnoughts and Assault Squads equipped with jet-powered jump packs!

Finally, to bring the true might of The Emperor himself down on your enemy, you’ll need the most powerful weapons the Space Marines can field, like the Land Raider Redeemer and the Primaris Repulsor Executioner. Nothing can stand before the power of these super heavy armoured behemoths!

Reasons to Collect Space Marines Figures

The Space Marines are the most iconic army of Warhammer 40,000 and have proven every year to be one of the most popular factions around the world, and for good reason! The Space Marines have access to some very powerful weaponry and some seriously cool models.

The armour plating of the space marines is well suited to newer painters but in the hands of experienced miniature painters a space marine can look truly awesome. Generally Space Marines are often outnumbered by their enemies and that means less models to worry about painting and makes them easier to manage for less experienced players.

The Adeptus Astartes can suit a wide range of roles with highly versatile units that aren’t necessarily the best at any one thing, but they are good at pretty much everything with a nice tactical balance of firepower, close combat strength, survivability and speed.

Finally, one of the greatest strengths of the Space Marines has always been their innate resistance to fear with an unshakeable force of will. The Emperor really meant it when he said They Shall Know No Fear; where most armies would turn and flee in terror, the Space Marines can shake off many wounds and losses and keep fighting on until their dying breath!

Adeptus Astartes Gameplay Style

Playing Warhammer 40,000 with Space Marines means having access to a wide range of tactical choices and plenty of good all round units. Their forces move at average speed while consistently launching powerful salvos of highly accurate firepower. Their decent armour saves will shrug off most small arms making them highly survivable.

The Space Marines have a wide selection of special weaponry to choose from, the iconic Plasma Gun can burn through even heavy troops and armour with ease while Melta Guns reduce enemy vehicles to molten slag.

Against most other armies the Space Marines will typically be outnumbered, so it is important to use tactical insertions to cover strategic objectives. Fast units like bikers and jump packs can also help close the distance on key positions.

There are lots of options when it comes to Adeptus Astartes Armour, from their wide array of troop carriers and tanks to the mighty dreadnoughts.

Finally, Space Marine leaders are highly gifted warriors that confer many benefits on their troops. Most Space Marine armies benefit from having at least a couple of HQ unit choices.

Fun Facts about Space Marines:

  • Did you know that Space Marines have two hearts?
  • Space Marines can breathe underwater thanks to their third augmented lung!
  • Most Adeptus Astartes die in battle after decades of endless war, but some can go on to live for hundreds of years as they are functionally immortal.