White Scars

Warhammer 40k White Scars, originally referred to as Star Hunters, are the fifth space marine legion out of twenty. Each of their number are descendants of the fearsome primarch Jagahatai Khan. They are known for their lightning strike attacks and use of large number of bike squads to outflank their enemies.

The Warhammer White Scars are brave and loyal warriors that refuse to allow any opponents to escape their grasp. Charging with agile bikers, they hit the enemy battleline at weak points, collapsing entire armies before they realise what is happening.

The 40k White Scars are led by Kor’sarro Khan, the captain of the third company. He is a master swordsman, one of their most accomplished warriors and is extremely deadly. Khan’s personal trophy rack is adorned with dozens of skulls taken from enemies he has defeated. He is armed with the Moonfang lethal blade and joined by Anzug, the ancient creature known as the hawk of fire and water.

The Warhammer White Scars Codex includes 64 pages full of information on this fast-striking chapter of space marines. In this definitive book for collectors you will find rules, history and a showcase of painted citadel miniatures. Use this for inspiration and prime your own White Scars army ready for battles of Warhammer 40k.

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