Warhammer 40k Ultramarines, once known as the War-Born, are one of the most iconic space marine legions. Their chapter is full of courageous warriors who were responsible for holding the Imperium together throughout the Horus Heresy.

Ultramarines have remained loyal to the teachings given by their primarch Roboute Guilliman for ten thousand years. Their primarch saved countless worlds and helped guide the imperium through the disaster caused by the Heresy.

The chapter is renowned for its use of well defined tactics and strict codes of honour which each marine lives by. While they are all capable warriors, these space marines are particularly lethal when engaging enemies in ranged combat using superior discipline and marksmanship.

The 40k Ultramarines include Chief Librarian Tigurius, the revered Chapter Master Marneus Calgar and their mighty primarch himself, Roboute Guilliman. Chapter master of the Ultramarines, Marneus Calgar, has launched dozens of invasions to battle against xenos and heretics. With his two trusty warriors Lethro Ados and Nemus Adranus right by his side, few can stand their furious assault. He is proudly clad in heavy armour featuring purity seals and Ultramarine symbols reflecting his status.

The Warhammer Ultramarines Codex contains all the information you need on the sons of Roboute Guilliman. This 80-page hardback is the definitive book for collectors and includes full detail of the chapter’s history and tactics. For example, you can view the showcase of stunningly detailed citadel miniatures in action. Get inspired and prime your own Ultramarines army ready for battles of Warhammer 40k.

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