Space Wolves

Warhammer 40k Space Wolves were the sixth out of twenty space marine legions. Created by primarch Leman Russ, they have a reputation for being the Emperor’s executioners. After the Horus Heresy, their chapter was divided into two separate successors, the new Space Wolves and Wolf Brothers.

Like the viking berserkers of old, these grizzled warriors rely on brute force and rage over skill and tactics. Their ancient customs and traditions are rooted in bloody battle and hold death in glorious combat as one of their highest honours.

Background of the Warhammer Space Wolves

These viking-like space marines live solely to fight for the Emperor and have no fear of death. They are hungry for glory and often charge headlong into battle to prove their loyalty and might. Their home world lies close to the Eye of Terror and faces extreme climate changes of fire and ice all year round, making them an extremely hardy race of humans.

The 40k Space Wolves include packs of Grey Hunters, bloodthirsty Hounds of Morkai, the mighty Venerable Dreadnought and much more. The oldest of their number, Ulrik the Slayer, is an iconic figure within the chapter for having survived countless battles on many different worlds. He has personally held back xenos invasions and led crusades with his crozius arcanum and Wolf Helm of Russ.

The Warhammer Space Wolves Codex is the definitive book for collectors and includes detail information on this revered chapter. Read through the rules and view the showcase of highly detailed miniatures. Gain inspiration for your very own Space Wolves army and prime them ready for battle.

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