Warhammer 40k Salamanders, once known as the Dragon Warriors, are one of the space marine legions created by the Emperor. Their home world is located at the volcanic Death World of Nocturne, where they search to find their missing primarch.

This noble chapter feel a duty to protect innocent subjects where possible such as civilian casualties and refugees. The Warhammer Salamanders are the only Chapter of Astartes that stay in continuous contact with their families and home world after transformation into Space Marines.

The 40k Salamanders are commanded by Adrax Agatone, a veteran captain that received the specialised surgical procedure to become a Primaris Space Marine. This skilled craftsman delivers orders to his fellow battle brothers while striking in battle with flame and brute force. He wields a Drakkis hand flamer and Malleus Noctum thunder hammer, capable of shattering even the most powerful armour. Easily build this model that includes just 13 plastic pieces with a citadel 40mm round base.

The Warhammer Salamander Codex is 64 pages long with detailed descriptions of the chapter. This hardback codex is the definitive book for all collectors and includes vital information for battle. Gain inspiration from the showcase of impressively painted citadel miniatures and begin your own Salamanders army ready for battles of Warhammer 40k.

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Showing all 4 results