Primaris Space Marines

Just as the Space Marines are the strongest soldiers of the Imperium, the Primaris Marines are the very mightiest warriors of all the Space Marines. Faster, stronger, and more resilient, the Primaris Astartes were created on Mars by order of the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman.

Unlike their ‘firstborn’ Space Marine predecessors, the Pimaris Marines are virtually immune to the genetic disorders that plague some of the original Chapters like the Blood Angels and Space Wolves. While most Primaris Marines are created through a process of genetical and biological engineering, it is possible for ‘firstborn’ marines to become Primaris Marines through a dangerous and intricate set of surgical procedures.

Primaris Space Marines carry into battle modified and upgraded versions of the standard equipment and armour used by the original chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, wielding it with supernatural skill and strength. Though standing few in number, a squad of Primaris Marines can take on entire armies of lesser foes, whether they be aliens or heretics alike.

Where to Start with Primaris Space Marines

Starting your very own Primaris Space Marines collection can be tricky as there are many options available and lots of choice when it comes to deciding a theme for your army. Our handy Primaris guide will help you decide which units to start with and how to progress with your very own Primaris Astartes force.

Primaris Essentials

Even a supreme and elite force like the Primaris Marines must have a rank and file infantry unit, and in this case the versatile Intercessors are the ideal choice. But if you prefer a fast and deadly close quarters option, the Primaris Reivers are a lethal force of melee combat specialists.

With some troops assembled, it’s time to think about adding some extra firepower and support, and the Firestrike Servo-Turret is an excellent addition for holding critical locations and objectives.

Next up you’ll need a mighty leader worthy of the Primaris command and a Primaris Captain is more than capable of leading these elite forces into battle. There are plenty of other choices too such as the powerful Psyker Librarian, or the fearsome Chaplain, each powerful characters in their own right.

Every army needs some armour and the Primaris are no exception. The Invictor Warsuit is a fast, stealthy and incredibly lethal battle-walker piloted by an elite Primaris marine ready to rain death on your enemies.

Expanding your Primaris Army

The best next steps for your Primaris Army are to increase your firepower and provide more options for capturing those critical objectives. Primaris Hellblasters are the ultimate ranged infantry to bolster your force, bringing to the field no less than TEN plasma weapons that will tear through heavy armour like butter.

For a stealthier approach, consider the aptly named Eliminators. These three man squads are renowned for assassinating dangerous targets before they get a chance to even fire a shot.

Speed often trumps raw power in battle, and luckily for the Primaris they often have both on their side. But for when you need a real burst of swiftness, the Invader ATV is the ideal choice to grab territory and scout the enemy with unmatched speed.

Finally, no Imperial army is complete without some serious firepower and heavy armour to rain down destruction in The Emperor’s name. The Primaris Repulsor Executioner is the perfect embodiment of Primaris might, laying down devastating blasts of laser and plasma fire on top of its hovering chassis that moves with lightning-like agility that will take your enemies by surprise!

Reasons to Collect Primaris Space Marines

There’s plenty of great reasons to collect Primaris Space Marines. As on of the newer additions to the world of Warhammer 40,000 the Primaris Astartes are among some of the most detailed and impressive models that Games Workshop have ever released.

If you prefer smaller and more elite forces representing the very strongest and bravest heroes of mankind, the Primaris are the ideal army for you. With generally smaller numbers that most other armies, they are ideal for novices with less work to complete to get your army fully painted.

The Primaris Marines also boast a fantastic set of individual character models like the Lieutenant in Phobos Armour and the Primaris Apothecary. These unique and powerful heroes can be combined to create an impressive looking elite squad and will be a dominating force on the battlefield.

Another great reason to collect Primaris Marines is they can be partnered up with all sorts of other Space Marine units to create a unique, mixed force of ‘firstborn’ and elite Primaris Astartes getting the best of both worlds!

Primaris Space Marines Gameplay Style

Like their ‘firstborn’ predecessors, Primaris Marines are versatile warriors. They are each highly skilled at shooting, reasonably strong in melee combat and extremely tough to kill thanks to their natural adaptations and heavy power armour.

The true strength of Primaris Marines comes from their impressive bonuses and buffs provided by the various character models which will help them survive even in the face of overwhelming enemies.

If you are playing Warhammer 40,000 with Primaris Marines you should expect to be outnumbered in almost all cases, but each of your soldiers will typically be worth many more than your foes. With less models to concentrate on at once, this makes Primaris Marines an ideal choice for new players to the game.

Fun Facts about Primaris Space Marines:

  • The process of transforming a ‘firstborn’ marine into a Primaris Marine is often referred to as crossing the Rubicon Primaris due to its great risk and reward.
  • The Ultramarines Chapter Master, Marneus Calgar was the first Space Marine to undergo the procedure to become a Primaris Marine, despite being given a 61.6% chance of death, he survived and became an even mightier warrior than before.
  • Primaris Marines have three additional synthetic organs over firstborn marines, bringing their total to twenty-two!

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