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  • Armies of the Imperium

    Primaris Intercessors (Space Marines)

    £35.00 £27.83

    A strong core of reliable and adaptable warriors that can lay down fire while advancing or holding down terrain is an invaluable aid to any tactician. In the case of strike forces bolstered by Primaris battle-brothers, this role is fulfilled by the Intercessor Squads. Capable of levelling overlapping salvoes of firepower, these squads often form the flexible fighting core of newly-founded Primaris Chapters – though of course many established Chapters have eagerly leveraged their abilities, fielding them alongside Tactical Squads.

  • Start Collecting Warhammer 40k Sets

    Elite Edition Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set

    £65.00 £51.68
    • A great way to start playing Warhammer 40,000
    • Everything you need to learn in one box!
    • Includes two starter forces of push fit models
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    Recruit Edition Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set

    £32.50 £25.84
    • Perfect for trying Warhammer 40,000
    • Everything you need to learn in one box
    • Push fit models – no glue required!
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    Command Edition Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set

    £105.00 £83.48
    • The best way to start playing Warhammer 40,000
    • Includes full rules for the game
    • Game with two armies of push fit models
  • Paint Sets

    Assault Intercessors Paint Set (Space Marines)

    £22.50 £17.89
    • The perfect start to your Space Marines collection
    • 3 push fit models, 6 paints, and 1 brush
    • Mix and match the poses with your other Assault Intercessors
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    Easy-To-Build Primaris Aggressors (Space Marines)

    £20.00 £15.90

    Clad in heavy Gravis armour, Aggressor Squads advance on the foe as walking fortresses of ceramite. More mobile than some other Space Marines, they’re better able to negotiate rough ground, making them versatile troops; while they are often employed in specific circumstances or on certain terrain, Aggressor Squads are used as reserves to plug breaches in gun lines or to spearhead an advance. The range of their weaponry is not too long, but when they get close enough to open fire, the result is a burst of scorching flame that can shatter enemy charges.

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    Easy-To-Build Primaris Reivers (Space Marines)

    £10.00 £7.95

    Designed to be as easy as possible to assemble for new hobbyists while being detailed enough for the hardiest veteran to appreciate, this is a set of 3 Easy To Build Primaris Reivers. Push-fit, with no glue required, these are incredibly straightforward to put together, and come on pre-coloured blue plastic sprues.

    In this kit, you’ll find 2 Primaris Reivers and 1 Primaris Reiver Sergeant clad in Mk X power armour. The Reivers are armed with heavy bolt pistols and combat blades, with a selection of frag, krak and shock grenades on their chest plates and belts. Each features a skull design on the helmet – even the Sergeant, who features a bare head, has a faceplate with a skull motif. Skulls are very much a theme of the Reivers; their chestplate feature their icon, a skull with crossed swords.

    This plastic kit comes as 18 components, and is supplied with a transfer sheet and 3 32mm Round slotted bases. Rules for these miniatures are included in the box.

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    Kill Team Starter Set: Warhammer 40,000

    £95.00 £75.53

    A fast paced tabletop miniatures game, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team pits teams of elite specialists, ragtag zealots and hard-bitten veterans against each other in vicious skirmish battles to the bitter end. A single squad of well-trained and well-equipped warriors can tip the balance of a wider conflict – with Kill Team, you’ll play through countless stories of your own devising that could alter the fate of the galaxy itself.

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    Primaris Apothecary (Space Marines)

    £22.50 £17.89

    Scout squads are the vanguard of a Space Marine army. Infiltrating behind enemy lines they sow disruption and secure vital strongpoints. Only once a Scout has proven his courage and skill at arms in a Chapter’s Scout Company is he elevated to the rank of battle brother, and inducted into one of the Chapter’s Battle Companies.

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    Primaris Captain (Space Marines)

    £22.50 £17.89

     Space Marine Captains are both superlative warriors and strategically gifted commanders who lead Space Marine companies into battle. Those Primaris Captains who favour Mk X Tacticus armour are amongst the most determined and unstoppable of their ilk, and they let nothing keep them from their duty.

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    Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour (Space Marines)

    £22.50 £17.89

    Each company in a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes falls under the command of a Captain. It is often said that a Space Marine is worth at least ten other soldiers; under the leadership of a Captain, this swells even further, for they coordinate their warriors with deadly precision and inspire their followers to fight with a dedication and spirit that cannot be instilled by training or discipline alone.

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    Primaris Hellblasters (Space Marines)

    £35.00 £27.83

    Imperial observers have likened the fire of a Hellblaster Squad to the incinerating power of a stellar flare. Bolt after bolt of plasma sears across the battlefield; those caught in the Hellblasters’ sights are swiftly annihilated, their armour blasted to ash and their flesh and bone to glowing motes. Even armoured fighting vehicles are swiftly reduced to heaps of metallic slag. Deployed at the correct point and time, a single Hellblaster Squad can blunt the thundering assault of an armoured spearhead, or lay low even the most titanic alien fiend.

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    Primaris Impulsor (Space Marines)

    £45.00 £35.78

     The Impulsor is a lightly armoured, fast-moving assault transport favoured by Vanguard Space Marine forces. Benefiting from the same advanced gravitic-impulsion technology employed by the heavier Repulsor-class chassis, the Impulsor boasts vectored thrusters that offer the it far greater manoeuvrability. Its open-backed design allows it to transport a squad of Space Marines swiftly into battle, entirely bypassing such obstacles and delivering its deadly cargo into the heart of the battle.

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    Primaris Inceptors (Space Marines)

    £30.00 £23.85

    The swiftest of the Primaris battle-brothers, Inceptors fill the role of spearhead troops. They hit the enemy in one sudden and overwhelming blow, leaving them reeling as follow-up waves of Space Marines drive home the attack. Equipped with jump packs and reinforced armour, Inceptors can be dropped from the very edge of a planet’s atmospheric envelope, weaving and twisting through the skies before slamming down into the enemy’s midst.

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    Primaris Infiltrators (Space Marines)

    £35.00 £27.83

     Clad in Mk X Phobos-pattern armour, the light and fast-moving Primaris Infiltrators are responsible for disrupting enemy communications and sabotaging targets of opportunity. The first the enemy sees is a cascade of choking smog as the Infiltrators hurl a barrage of smoke grenades, masking their advance. As the foe peers into the swirling cloud, the Space Marines bring their targets down with disciplined bursts of fire, the augur-scopes of their marksman bolt carbines lighting each victim up for the kill.

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    Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit (Space Marines)

    £37.50 £29.81

    The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is a stripped-back variant on the Redemptor Dreadnought frame. Instead of a revenant hero in a sarcophagus, this combat walker is piloted by a live Primaris Space Marine. They are deployed in every capacity, from armoured escort duties to close-range siege breaking and urban monster-hunts. Still the most iconic role for these walkers is as the armoured support for Vanguard Space Marines. Their combination of mid- to close-range firepower, armoured resilience and the selfless mindset of the pilot combine to provide exceptional support.

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