Iron Hands

Warhammer 40k Iron Hands were created by the primarch Ferrus Manus and are one of the first founding space marine legions. They are recognisable for their prolific use of bionics and belief that the ‘flesh is weak‘. These eccentric and highly dangerous marines take every chance to replace their organic bodies with bionic modifications.

Warhammer Iron Hands are known for their dignity and pride in battles. They have fought against many opponents in the quest to free Mankind from the Old Night. Their many long-standing grudges add fuel to their fire in battle with their resentment only growing stronger as time goes on, such as their hatred for the Salamanders and Raven Guard.

The 40k Iron Hands include Iron Father Feirros, the current master of the chapter. Armed with the gorgon’s wrath, he can blast his enemies apart no matter the range or use his harrow hand to cut them to bits. The model comes in 17 pieces and is supplied with one citadel 40mm round base.

The Warhammer Iron Hands Codex provides you with 64 pages full of everything you need to begin battle. This hardback codex is the definitive book for all collectors that are curious about their history and rules. It includes a showcase of perfectly detailed citadel miniatures painted and in action to inspire your Iron Hands army.

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