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    Iron Hands Codex Supplement

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    The Iron Hands are one with the machine. They are among the most stoic and relentless of all Adeptus Astartes, ever willing to show the superiority of their bionic augmetics in battle to prove their belief that the flesh is weak. Inside this 64-page hardback codex supplement, you’ll find everything you need to unleash the Iron Hands in battle, plus thrilling lore and art to inspire your own collection.

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    Iron Hands Feirros

    £25.00 £19.88

    No living Iron Hand can recall a time when Feirros’ sardonic tones did not grace the Iron Council. Nor does any remember another wielding the axe Harrowhand during their Rite of Severance – the lopping of the left hand so that an augmetic fist may take its place is the moment in which a recruit truly becomes an Iron Hand.

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