Grey Knights

Warhammer 40k Grey Knights were created by the Emperor to become humanity’s greatest weapon against chaos. They are a Space Marines Chapter specialising in hunting Chaos Daemons after a harsh selection process of endless training.

This mysterious and feared chapter are well known for their martial prowess and relentlessness in hunting down all daemons. Though they often stand few in number, each of these warriors can face down dozens of daemons and heretics with ease.

Grey Knights are only allowed to associate with chapter masters, leaving others to think they are nothing more than a myth. They have all undergone training to channel psychic energies and unleash powerful warp abilities. Due to this, they are able to wield magic and become immune to corruption without any risk of the cursed power of chaos.

40k Grey Knights include Strike Squads, elite Paladin Squads, the mighty Nemesis Dreadknight and more. Grand Master Voldus wields more psychic powers than the rest and can turn flesh, bone and armour into ash. His armour features inscriptions, skulls, chains and magical tomes as he stands tall armed with a hammer of the same height.

Discover the mystery of these daemon hunters in the Grey Knights Codex, a 102-page hardback book for collectors. Flick through the showcase of beautiful and highly detailed painted citadel miniatures. Gain inspiration for your army as your prime them ready for future battles of Warhammer 40k.

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