Warhammer 40k Deathwatch are a highly trained chapter of Space Marines  dedicated to hunting all xenos. Specially picked out for their skill and experience, they must seek out any threat to the Imperium and destroy it.

The Deathwatch are warriors called on as a last resort for firepower that other forces do not acquire. They operate in small kill teams, though it can take several of these when facing a particularly dangerous xenos threat.

Warhammer Deathwatch have the privilege of painting their armour black to publicly display their service to the Emperor. Although it cannot be completely painted to respect the Machine Spirit. One shoulder pad is often left to display a symbol of their chapter.

The 40k Deathwatch models includes the elite Deathwatch Veterans, the Corvus Blackstar transport and the Watch Master. The mysterious Watch Masters are leaders of the battlefield who can pick out weaknesses of the opponent and order their kill teams accordingly. Armed with his guardian spear to launch bolts that are designed to target with ease.

Get the Deathwatch Codex to learn the explanations of their place in the Imperium and the binding ties of the great warriors. This 104-page hardback book contains background and rules, making it the definitive book for collectors. View the excellent showcase of incredibly detailed painted citadel miniatures in action and gain inspiration for your deathwatch army as you prime them ready for battles of Warhammer 40k.

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