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    Chaos Knights Codex

    £25.00 £19.88

    In this codex, you’ll discover how the Chaos Knights were once paragons of honour and nobility, but fell to the corrupting influences of the Dark Gods. In some cases, entire households have turned against the Imperium in this manner, though others fight as masterless, lone renegades known as Dreadblades.

    This 72-page hardback book is also a fantastic resource for collectors, containing tips for building your army, examples of Chaos Knights forces, and loads of invaluable reference material and alternative colour schemes for painters.



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    Knight Desecrator (Chaos Space Marines)

    £90.00 £71.55

     Knights Desecrator possess potent mid- to close-range armaments that lend themselves toward duelling enemy war engines or monstrous beasts, or tearing down the foe’s Fortifications. Armed with a laser destructor, it packs a considerable punch at considerable range.


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