Chaos Knights

Warhammer 40k Chaos Knights, also known as Renegade Knights, are war engines that carry an army’s worth of firepower. Each Chaos Knight represents a relic of humanity’s ancient past. They have been piloted by Nobles, possessed of enough physical, mental and spiritual courage to survive the ritual of becoming.

Renegade Knights were once paragons of honour, but have now fell to the influences of the Dark Gods. Since the Horus Heresy, thousands of Questor Traitoris Knights have betrayed the Imperium. Many were corrupted by Warp Storms and others driven mad by carnage they had to witness and endure.

The Chaos Knights Codex is a fantastic resource which contains many tips for building your army. This 72-page hardback book also includes examples of forces and alternative colour schemes for painters. Look through the showcase of amazingly painted Chaos Knight models and gain inspiration for your army when preparing for your games of Warhammer 40k.

The Renegade Knight Desecrator is the main battle titan of the Chaos Knights. A twisted vision of the glorious Imperial Knights. This hulking monstrosity is etched with chaos runes and adorned with the remains of fallen enemies. The Questor Traitoris also field their own variants of loyalist Knights including the including Knight Castellan, Armiger Helverins, and many more.

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