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    LOTR: Easterling Warriors

    £26.00 £20.60

    Easterlings are amongst the most fanatical followers of the Dark Lord and the best equipped of all the warriors at his command. Unlike the rabble of Orcs that spew forth from the Black Gate, the armies of the East are well-trained and disciplined warriors that will fight fiercely for Sauron, who they view as a vengeful deity. As children they are schooled in the art of war, and their womenfolk fight alongside the men as equals – in Rhûn all are prepared to fight for the Dark Lord. Trained to fight in deadly phalanxes, their spears form a hedge of sharpened blades that is virtually impenetrable – only a foolish general would send his warriors to take on a block of Easterlings head on.

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    LOTR: Morannon Orcs

    £26.00 £22.45

    A stronger strain of Orc has appeared within the armies of the Black Gate and Barad-dûr – the Morannon Orcs. Their armour is thick and strong, providing them additional resilience. This enhanced wargear, coupled with the Morannon Orcs’ increased strength, makes them ideal shock troops for Sauron’s war against Minas Tirith.

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    LOTR: Mordor Orcs

    £26.00 £22.45

    Orcs are the foulest creatures to walk Middle-earth. They are evil-hearted monsters that rejoice in slaughter and destruction. The Orc’s natural aggression makes them the perfect tool of evil intent, their numberless hordes forming the core of the Mordor army. While they’re individually cowardly, they gain strength through numbers – a mass of Orc warriors can be a terrifying sight for any enemy of the Dark Lord.

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    LOTR: Mordor Troll

    £25.00 £21.95

    The Trolls of Mordor have been bred by Sauron so that they can withstand the light of the sun without turning to stone like other Trolls. Even bigger and stronger than their subterranean kin, these monsters are amongst the most lethal troops in the armies of the Dark Lord.

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    LOTR: The Balrog

    £37.50 £31.90

    The Balrog is a mighty creature of great age and power. Awoken by eager Dwarven miners, the Balrog brought destruction to their kingdoms, overwhelming Durin and his doughty warriors in a series of terrible battles. Of all the evil powers in the world, the Balrog is amongst the most terrible and as one of the largest models we sell, is the perfect centre piece for an evil army.

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    LOTR: Uruk-hai Warriors

    £26.00 £22.45

    If Orcs are the foulest creatures to walk Middle-earth then the Uruk-hai are the most dangerous perversion of the breed. Where ordinary Orcs are crook-limbed and timid, the Uruk-hai are strong, muscular, upright warriors of greater skill and courage. Equipped with flame-forged armour and brutal blades from the forges of Isengard, the Uruk-hai march to war against the Free People of Middle-earth. They care not for land or possessions, nor for homes and families; they simply kill all in their path in pursuit of endless war and the taste of raw man-flesh.

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    LOTR: War Mûmak Of Harad

    £60.00 £47.70

    The armies of Harad often employ Mûmakil, massive war-beasts trained by the Mahud, to trample their enemies under colossal hooves. A Mumak is nigh unstoppable once it begins its charge, tossing aside enemies like broken dolls. A Mûmak can break through an enemy line while Haradrim warriors rain deadly arrows from atop the howdah on its mighty back.

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    LOTR: Warg Riders

    £20.00 £15.80

    Wargs are gigantic, evil wolves – massive and dangerous creatures with a cunning and carnivorous intelligence. Warg Riders scout far ahead of the main armies of Orcs and other evil creatures, spying out the land and picking off stragglers. In battle wargs swarm towards the foe in great packs, tearing the enemy down with bestial fury.

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    LOTR: Winged Nazgûl

    £37.50 £29.80

    The Ringwraiths, or Nazgûl, were once the Kings of Men, the bearers of the magical rings created by Sauron. Their rings granted endless life but gradually enslaved the Kings to Saurons will. Together with their leader, the Witch-king of Angmar, they are known as the Nine and are the most deadly of Sauron’s servants.

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