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    Munitorium Armoured Containers

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    Spiritseers are those upon the Witch Path who are called to commune with the dead – a chilling concept, even amongst the Asuryani. Although their main task is to shepherd wraithbone constructs to battle, a Spiritseer can also use their psychic abilities to aid the greater Asuryani warhost. By their eldritch powers are friendly troops enshrouded in mist, or foes illuminated or struck down with mystic bolts of energy.


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    Tidewall Shieldline (Tau Empire)

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    A virtually impenetrable barrier of glowing energy from behind which the Fire Warriors of the T’au Empire can pour scathing fire upon their foes, the Tidewall Shieldline thrums across the battlefield on repulsor jets, giving the enemy less room to hide with every inch of ground gained. From fighting retreats that take their cover with them, to wrong-footing or funnelling enemy forces into prepared killzones, this Shieldline has impressive strategic purpose whether defensive or offensive.



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