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New Warhammer Quest: Cursed City Preview (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of our Warhammer Quest: Cursed City Preview! In today’s post we will be introducing the Agents of Defiance and the Overlords of Ulfenkarn. Each character has their own individual motives and agendas behind their presence in the game which helps to better understand the plot of the Cursed City.

Meet the Characters

The Agents of Defiance are eight unique heroes fighting to bring salvation to the city of Ulfenkarn. Each hero has their own set of weapons and abilities, combine those together and they may just be able to save the city from the wolf.

Jelson Darrock

Jelson Darrock was once a part of the Order of Azyr, an organization of witch hunters and their associates who ruthlessly seek out and destroy heretics (or anyone they even midly suspect of heresy). They are often feared for their power and brutality; Darrock’s conduct saw him expelled from this organization, though it has not been revealed why. His career change saw him hunting vampires and armed with the Ardent Blade as well as a long-barreled rifle. He also carries carved wooden steaks that will burst into flames when piercing the flesh of undead creatures. Jelson holds a weapon of judgement, so firing bullets from his long-barreled rifle can punch through armor and bone. Best used for killing lower wound models or leaving a mortal wound on the bigger models.

Qulathis the Exile

Qulathis is an executioner who is determined to hunt down the vampire that slaughtered her kin. Starting at level 0, she will have to gain experience and level up by successfully completing journeys throughout Ulfenkarn.

When a hero level increases, they will gain a powerful trait. For example, when Qulathis reaches level 5 she will gain quick reflexes, swift, disciplined, assassin and eliminator traits.

Emelda Braskov

Emelda Braskow is a Human Knight of Azyr from Mournhold. She once crossed paths with Radukar the Wolf and her army was destroyed. As an act of vengeance, she has sworn to slay the vampire or die in the failure of doing so.

‘This is my city. I fought for it outside the walls, and by Sigmar’s blood i’ll fight for it inside, even if I have to drive my sword right through it’s black and corrupted heart.’

Dagnai Holdenstock

Dagnai has returned to the city in search of riches rather than revenge. The dwarf has found an opportunity to seek some treasure that lies with the corpses.

‘Keep her steady, lads, we’ll be back before nightfall. And if any of those winged fitlings come for you, club ’em with your gunstocks. Aethershot’s expensive stuff, you know.’

Glaurio Ven Alten III

Gluaro is the last surviving noble of the ven Alten bloodline, after he slays his three cousins, from the city of Ulfenkarn.

Seeking to avenge his family’s honour, the young duelist starts by slaying his three cousins because they received the blood kiss and turned into vampires.

He has spent many hours training in swordsmanship and we can only hope that it will be put to good use and contribute towards saving the Cursed City.

Cleona Zeitengale

Cleona came to the city of Ulfenkarn as a member of the Cult of the Comet to give out teachings of her missionary order. Although trying to warn them, the citizens of Ulfenkarn would ignore her and now she must summon the power of Sigmar to win back the city.

‘It’s written right here in True Azyrite. “The mortis pull, the sinking sands, the broken clock strikes twelve.” What part of that don’t you understand?

Octren Glimscry

Octren was once a friend and worked alongside Torgillius the Chamberlain. Spending many years in the Realm of Death, he would seek for the secrets of immortality.

However, the chamerblain stole the research and Octren now seeks to track him down and end his former friends experiments.

Octren can unleash a Withering Hex, a spell to slow down any units that get too close, rendering them easy pickings for your allies.

Brutogg Corpse-Eater

Brutogg Corpse-Eater, does exactly that, eats corpses. He has arrived in Ulfenkarn to prove his strength as an ogor and will happily snack on flesh, bone, zombies and even mummified cadavers!

‘I ate one of them gheists once. Waste of time, don’t fink i’ll bovver next time. Oi, grab that dead vulture out of the gutter, would yer?”

Overlords of Ulfenkarn

Cursed City provides us with 42 models representing the villains of Ulfenkarn. Each offer a set of challenges that the agents of defiance will need to overcome to save the city.

Gorslav the Gravekeeper

Gorslav the Gravekeeper is undoubtedly a creepy looking model that burns his victims alive and unleashes them as vampires.

He oversees the graveyards in the corpse-gardens where he is certain to keep his victims as he buries them alive.

So, that explains the massive spade used not only to bury but also dig out his victims.

The lack of communication from Gorslav leaves lots of questions about how he turned into a glorified zombie.

Watch Captain Halgrim

After the Necroquake, Watch Captain Halgrim tried to pledge his men to Radukar in exchange for the Soulblight Curse. Soublight vampires are blood thirsty creatures with inhuman strength.

Watch Captain Halgrim was betrayed by his men, they tied him up and held him captive until he was taken to the sewers and fed to Corpse Rats.

Upon his resurrection he was raised by necromancers to serve as Watch Captain as a Deathrattle skeleton, leading the city’s Ulfenwatch. He now follows every word of his master’s command and operates in the Vharngate.

Torgillus the Chamberlain

Torgillius is an expert on grave-sand and can use the material as a means of defense against attack. After he had stolen Octrens research on immortality, he joined with the dark ogor Vampire Lord Radukar the Wolf.

Torgillius sees and hears all and is able to see through the eyes of Corpse-Rats to spy on the entirety of Ulfenkarn.

He is also the commander of the bat and rat swarms and operates from the Barrowmark, a corrupted hall of learning.

Vyrkos Blood-Born

Surviving nobles were given the opportunity to join the vampire lord in exchange for their loyalty and the blood kiss.

Survivors ultimately transformed into the creatures known as Vyrkos Blood-born. These vampires surround the city of Ulfenkarn and will serve Radukar the Wolf.

Those who question the dominance of the vampire lord will be assassinated as Vyrkos Blood-born stalk the streets in search of prey.

It is likely they may share a bloodline with Glaurio Ven Alten III as three of his cousins willingly took the blood kiss.

Radukar the Wolf

Radukar secured the blood kiss by killing wolf Vilnas with his bare hands and claiming an ensorcelled barrow-blade.

Wolf Vilnas was a double-headed wolf, as we can see Radukar carries these on his shoulders.

He is a vampire of ancient power, possessed by an uncontrollable rage that drives him to feast on all who dare challenge or defy him.

There we have it, all the characters of the Cursed City. I don’t know about you, but now I’m even more excited!

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